The Leap Nation Ltd is a client-centric, quality eccentric, revolutionary culinary concept that brings to your doorstep the taste of exotic borders and home-grown flavors. Hunger for life. Thirst for love. The Leap Nation. Grow an appetite for your unique journey.



Serving up all-natural, plant-based vegan burgers, DIRT is the first of its kind in the region and it’s all about getting back to basics. Transforming Dubai’s food scene one veggie at a time, DIRT is the ironic go-to for clean-eating. Meat-free. Fuss-free. Guilt-free. It’s time to get your hands dirty.


Think you know fried chicken? Think again. Introducing Japang – an all-new menu serving up tantalizing fried chicken with a Japanese twist. Boasting an explosive selection of appetizers, sandwiches and mains, Japang is your one-stop for delivery dining like no other.


Ready to take your burger game to the next level? Welcome to Bunfire. Using the finest cuts of chicken and beef, Bunfire serves up a delicious selection of burgers and sliders packed with smoking flavor and fresh ingredients.

Tawook Nation

Tawook Nation’s carefully curated menu is what sets it apart from the rest. Featuring everything from Hummus Guacamole appetizers to Ultimate tawook sandwich, Tawook Nation is the ultimate go-to for those midday (or midnight) cravings.


Heating things up one burrito at a time, Vigilante is a vibrant food destination for those with a love of Mexican food. A must-try, Vigilante doesn’t compromise on hygiene, customer service or flavor. Boasting a colorful menu filled with fajitas, quesadillas and tortillas, Vigilante is ready to meet your Mexican needs.

Poke Pacific

If you’re missing the cool sea air, let Poke Pacific bring the ocean to you. With a line-up of the freshest fish (such as Norwegian Salmon and Yellowfin Tuna), Poke Pacific is the newest catch on Dubai’s food scene.

Abu Jumbo

For loaded Lebanese sandwiches that pack a real punch, look no further. Your home away from home, Abu Jumbo is on a mission to bring the best of Beirut to the heart of Dubai. Using only the finest ingredients, Abu Jumbo creates sandwiches you won’t be able to put down.

Tarator (Coming-Soon)

What’s greater than falafel or shawarma? Falafel and shawarma. Welcome to every Lebanese foodie’s dream come true - Tarator. With an array of delicious dishes to choose from (look out for the hummus shawarma chicken and beef shawarma bowl), Tarator will leave you spoiled for choice.